How to use Coolenator

You have decided to let Coolenator Terminate all your unwanted warm drinks, FANTASTIC!

We have a few tips and tricks for you when using Coolenator! 

How does it work! 

For best results, the cooling element needs approximately 8 hours * to freeze based on a temperature of -18 degrees (* time may vary per freezer and temperature). The element can then be placed in the Coolenator by removing the polystyrene foam disc at the bottom. When the element has been placed, the disc can be placed back and the aluminum cup inside the Coolenator will immediately become colder and colder. The product is immediately ready for use!

Place the cooled bottle, carafe, glass or can in the Coolenator and enjoy an ice-cold drink on location of your choice! Think of the park, beach, boat, camping or of course in the garden.

The cooling element continues to give off cold for up to 6 hours and can then be recharge endlessly without inconveniences such as condensing wine coolers on the table or melted ice cubes.