Hands-on with the new Coolenator Pro!

At Coolenator, we are constantly trying to improve on our original idea in order to bring you superior cooling products. With innovation on the mind, we developed a new product which will make sure your drinks stay as cold as possible for as long as possible: the Coolenator Pro, a step up from our classic design!

Like the original Coolenator, the Pro model is made of Piocelan, an extra-hardened polysterene foam which is light, yet tough. It also maintains the aluminum housing, which helps transmit the cold generated by the interior cooling element. However, unlike the base model, the Coolenator Pro's cooling element is removable, opening up a whole new world of cooling possibilities!

Where the original model requires storage in the freezer in order to cool, the Coolenator Pro's removable cooling element allows you to store only the cooling element, saving you space in a cluttered ice box! The small cooling Bullet measures only 5x9 centimeters, so store a few and change them out when the cooling is exhausted. With this method, you can keep your drinks cold all day long!

Removing the cooling Freezer Bullet is easy: simply turn the unit over and locate the removable polysterene foam disc at the base. This can be flipped out to expose the Bullet, which will drop right out. Simply insert a new, chilled Bullet, and keep the cooling going all day! You will never have to suffer a warm or tepid drink again with the Coolenator Pro.

This innovative interior is stored within the unit, which is finished with a plastic shrink film. This protects the unit from damage and can be customised with any number of cool designs! Make one for each member of your family with personalised photos and text or give them out as a promotional corporate giveaway!

While the Coolenator Pro only comes in a one-size-fits-all model at this time, any drink will surely fit inside the spacious cooler! From small cans to large champagne bottles, the Coolenator does it all, ensuring your drinks stay as cool as you!

Check back with us periodically as we attempt to one-up ourselves with improved models and designs in order to provide the best possible cooling product!