Let's take a walk on the Cool side.

Hands-on with the new Coolenator Pro

At Coolenator, we are constantly trying to improve on our original idea in order to bring you superior cooling products. With innovation on the mind, we developed a new product which will make sure your drinks stay as cold as possible for as long as possible: the Coolenator Pro, a step up from our classic design!

Like the original Coolenator, the Pro model is made of Piocelan, an extra-hardened polysterene foam which is light, yet tough. It also maintains the aluminum housing, which helps transmit the cold generated by the interior cooling element. However, unlike the...

The new way to keep drinks cold at parties

The new way to keep drinks cold at parties

Summer is the best time of the year as you get to enjoy food, outside parties, and seasonal drinks with friends and family. For beer lovers, summer is the worst as drinks get warm exceptionally fast! You only have to start the BBQ, and the second minute, your drink is warm.